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Nature-based education to build resiliency for life.

What We're All About

We are a growing group of people impassioned by empowering others, inclusive of young adults and children, with self sufficiency skills, traditions and community. People have been disconnected from this vital way of living and working in a communal way that values the creative capacity of each individual. Modern mainstream culture has emphasized a devaluation of our connection with the Earth, with one another and with the profound experience of knowing ourselves. We offer a different perspective. A path to the future built on a foundation of connection, reawakening the wisdom and practices that sustain and regenerate ourselves and the earth.


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Stephanie Zetah

Stephanie, alongside Daniel, stewards a 96 acre regenerative farm, and is the primary holistic care taker of the animals. She has a gift for working with children, helping guide them in learning the skills necessary to living close to the land; nurturing their creativity, capacity and resolve, and engaging them in the sacredness within nature and self. With a natural drive and great pleasure for weaving events and gatherings that create a New Story for society, she creates community wherever she finds herself. For two years prior to moving to Minnesota, Stephanie created and managed the Wise Women Gathering in Australia. Her intentional focus on the traditional observance of the seasons, the nature of the cycles within life and the importance of rites of passage laid the foundation for her training as a Death Midwife.


Her passions and interests include Being Happy, Walking Barefoot, Drinking Tea with Friends, Making Plant Cordage and Crafts, Being with Animals, Drawing Games, Being Still,  Herbalism, Wild Foraging, Holistic Animal Care, Growing and Preserving Food, Mindfulness Human Design and Compassionate Communication & The Law of One.


Fiona Smith

Nearly four years ago, we began visiting New Story Farm for Resiliency Homeschool Thursdays. We fell in love with the animals and the life at New Story Farm. 


We have gained much knowledge from both Steph and Daniel and their worldly experiences. Their wisdom has helped us to hone helpful patterns and empowered us to be the change we wish to see in the world. We are more conscious of our choices as consumers/beings and the impact we have on the world and animals/beings around us. 


Our family is more resilient these days and we have been able to incorporate positive values and resiliency skills into our home life and homeschooling.

Thanks to shared insights regarding human design and NVC I am empowered to parent and guide in a more healthy way for both myself and my children. The postive shift this has made to us individually, and as a family, has brought greater ease and peace.


While it's easy to see all the negative in the world, there are many good things happening! I believe that Resiliency School at New Story Farm is making a difference by EMBODYING heart-centered values that help restructure our connection to the seen and unseen worlds around us. I'm honored and privileged to witness and be apart of this community. 


Fiona is a creative homeschooling mama of 3 who prioritizes nature and mindfulness within her practice. Raising conscious children is what she is most dedicated to, while rediscovering life within a meaningful community.  She also happens to enjoy creating custom organic baked goods. Check out Kindred Crafted Goods


Daniel Zetah

Daniel is driven to help people realize the importance of a life connected to the Earth. Always willing to engage others in a thought process and dialogue rooted in curiosity about what they believe and why, he invites and challenges everyone who is willing to expand upon what they know, to reach beyond what they find comfortable and to live in a way that truly honors their authenticity. Knowing the value of sharing community in nature, he co-facilitated the Wise Men Gathering in Australia, a 3 day gathering for male-oriented folks. Oh and he loves to share his wisdom of, and personal connections to, trees!


Hands on skills:  welding, fabricating, natural building and fixing everything mechanical. Adept in creative problem-solving and re-purposing materials. Teaching: Permaculture Design Courses and Farm-Scale Permaculture with Ben Falk, Mark Sheppard, Darren Doherty and the Possibility Alliance Speaking: Farm Hacks at MOSES and the SFA and Ethical Eating at Sustainable Living Tasmania.

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Located 1.5 hours West from Minneapolis

New Story Farm, an active regenerative farm fostering a local agrarian community through sacred and educational gatherings, is home and host to the Resiliency School. Find us 6 miles north of Hutchinson, Minnesota.

Land stewards, Stephanie and Daniel Zetah, have traveled the world, living on farms and in established Intentional Communities. Their collective mission is to bring their passion for living in connection to the land, their broad knowledge of sufficiency and communication skills, and providing immersive educational opportunities to support expanding diversity and what it means to live in community in rural Minnesota.

We strive to bring consciousness to the folds of the educational system which we believe will bring true systemic change.

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